Theo’s Theetuin is open!

This summer Theo’s Theetuin is open every weekend (Saturday and Sunday). We will be serving Tea, Coffee, Juices, Pumpkin Soup, Pancakes and Homemade Cakes. If you want a plan for a great weekend, this is the place to go!

What is Theo’s Theetuin?

Theo Kley, born in 1936 was our beloved father and grandfather and painter-artist, explorer, endless source of countless inspiring ideas and projects, one of them, in his later years when he had settled in Ruigoord, was his famous Theetuin (Tea Garden).

In Ruigoord, a village just west of Amsterdam that was rescued by artists from destruction by expanding harbour and industry activities over 50 years ago he created a lush green corner and during festivals opened a tea garden. There he served tea from herbs he had grown from early on in spring, as well as his famous soup and Yllen (his great friend) her great brownies and apple cake. People would mount their bikes and cycle all the way for a bite… and enjoy some art in the gallery annexe of his atelier and in the wider village. Other weekends they would find a more relaxed corner during bustling festivals.

The last few years the effort became to much and only happy memories lived on. Then Theo, at near 88, died october 2022 and we decided last year to enjoy and honour his memory by provisionally reopening his dreamspace. That was a very rewarding experience, meeting many old friends of his and many more new…

So this year, we open again and more often, basically all summer weekends, under the inspired care of his grandson Surya, who likes to put his kitchen/restaurant experience and management studies into practice.

The perfect plan
for the weekend

If you need a plan for your weekend, you have found what you’ve been looking for! We are located in Ruigoord and are open every saturday and sunday throughout the whole day.

Ruigoord is a beautiful artist village with great things to see. Known for hosting Landjuweel and Vurige Tongen among other festivals, it’s home to a great number of artists whose incredible work is everywhere to be seen. 

It’s a lovely place to escape city life for a day.

Sunday Yoga & Lunch

Every Sunday there’s a morning yoga class from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. 

For only 25€ you can join the yoga class and get a full lunch menu, including tea or coffee, juice and soup.

You can reserve a spot in the event page (link below) or by contacting us.